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Stará Myslivna
Konopiště 2
256 01 Benešov
Tel. reservations:
+420 317 700 280
Fax Office:
+420 317 701 804
E-mail: myslivna@igcpraha.cz


IGC - International Gurman Club s.r.o.
Jahodnická 20/795
198 00 Praha 9
Tel.: +420 281 865 445
Fax: +420 266 610 855
E-mail: igc@igcpraha.cz
Please note that there is no smoking inside the entire restaurant. Smoking is only permitted in the outdoor gardens.

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Grand Opening

On 3 April 2009 Stará Myslivna Restaurant was put back into operation following complete reconstruction. The interior is inspired by the chateau chambers and the period of Franz Ferdinand d'Este with rich trophies and artistic ornamentation. At the opening a painting of Franz Ferdinand, who was declared the patron of the restaurant, was uncovered to the sound of horns. Many important people participated in the official opening. The Czech Deputy Minister of Agriculture Stanislav Kozák, Mayor of the town of Benešov Petr Kouba, Konopiště chateau warden Marie Krejčová and Bohumil Bochňák, the Executive Director of IGC - International Gurman Club s.r.o. cut the ceremonial ribbon together. The ceremony included a banquet at which most of the specialities that are on offer in the restaurant’s menu were served.



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PO-ČT od 11.00h. do 21.00h.

PÁ-SO od 11.00h. do 22.00h.

NE od 11.00h. do 21.00h.