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Stará Myslivna
Konopiště 2
256 01 Benešov
Tel. reservations:
+420 317 700 280
Fax Office:
+420 317 701 804


IGC - International Gurman Club s.r.o.
Jahodnická 20/795
198 00 Praha 9
Tel.: +420 281 865 445
Fax: +420 266 610 855
Please note that there is no smoking inside the entire restaurant. Smoking is only permitted in the outdoor gardens.

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The spacious summer gardens in front of the restaurant and on the sides of the Stará Myslivna building with a total seating for 90 are in operation from the month of April until October.
There are bike stands holding many bikes available here for cyclists and several children's attractions for our small visitors. Primarily grilled specialties from beef, pork, chicken and, of course, wild game, are available here. Juicy steaks with barbeque sauce and with lots of fresh vegetables and fries. In addition to this we offer ready-made dishes here at reasonable prices.


Vyhlášené zvěřinové hody
probíhají na Staré myslivně po celou zimní sezónu
do 16. dubna 2021!
každý pátek 19-22 hod.
A i dny: 10., 17.12.20!
Dospělí na osobu
449,- Kč
děti do 12 let
349,- Kč
děti do 4 let
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PO-ČT od 11.00h. do 21.00h.

PÁ-SO od 11.00h. do 22.00h.

NE od 11.00h. do 21.00h.